Typed Script: Wonder as You Wander

by evergreenovella

Pythagoras wrote of the harmony of the spheres. Musica Universalis. Indeed metaphorical, and yet I still find myself wondering, if not for all the noise would I be able to listen in on it too? I wonder if it would sound less like a harmonious symphony and more like a dissonant dirge. Does it dictate or echo the state of being of the world’s current population?

Are these the things you wonder about when you greet the new day rolling in off the horizon? Perhaps I am the only one left straining to hear the planets vibrate the cosmic strings of their orbits. A dance of sight and sound. If one missed a beat how it would all crumble. I will continue to wonder at these mysteries until the spheres sound their last bar and a new and even more mysterious Age is ushered in.