Late Night Movies and the Open Road.

by evergreenovella

I love going to the movies by myself. I think it’s one of my favorite hobbies. I’ve been doing it for years so I have a pretty good read on the movies I know I’m going to like. And, when I’m by myself I don’t have to feel the pressure of whether the other person likes my choice or worry if they’re having a good time. I don’t have to accommodate their seating preferences or listen to them eat popcorn. Maybe someday I will go to the movies regularly with someone, but even then I think I will try to sneak away on a Monday night after work a couple weeks after the movie’s been released–just me in the dark with the projector and its flashing light.

What I love even more than going to the movies by myself is the drive home afterwards. I revel in the euphoria of the cinematic journey I just left and let the joy lift me as I go. It’s late and the roads have mostly cleared by now. Driving is like a dance. The speeds ebb and flow. I am of singular focus, anticipating the other drivers’ moves in subtleties. Marina and the Diamonds drowns out the sound of my engine.

It’s interesting the things that make us happy. The quirky pieces of experience that fit just right with our unique sensibilities. The simple things that sometimes make the most sense.