Leaving this Prairie Town

by evergreenovella

I might go to bed early tonight. It is a dreary day in May and I am worn thin.

Once again the Unknown looms in the distance. The Unknown that will shape and refine me. I hope I do not offend him in my apprehension. He is a difficult companion, the Unknown. He is cold and dark most days. But some days he is pure magic. He is crystal clinking joy and blessing. He is a buffing cloth on my dingy edges.

A new chapter is about to begin. I leave my job next month to go back to school, to seminary to be exact, for a Masters in Biblical Studies and Apologetics. I applied for school just before Thanksgiving last year and have been living consciously in parallel universes ever since. The reactions have been positive and supportive, although at times confused, and they all wonder what will come next. What do you do with that anyways? Well, I guess you do the same thing I did with my double English/Philosophy major (the most unemployable majors on the planet). You use what you learn to inform how you live. I know I have so much to learn about truth and Christ and God’s will for my life, but this next step will be a good place to start.

The Unknown calls to my blessed friends and they draw in to see this next chapter from their individual vantage points. I am assured that there will be loss and gain on this road. But we do not have long on our travels however invincible youth makes us feel. I will be humbled more times than not I’m sure. I’ve always felt like Moses and aspired to be John the Baptist. Maybe I’m supposed to be a little bit of both, a voice crying out in the wilderness just lacking some of the eloquence of the latter.