Script and Shewas

by evergreenovella

It’s only been a week and I can read and write sentences in Hebrew. Slowly, but I can do it. It’s amazing what the mind is capable of producing when pressed. I feel overwhelmed in the way that I would assume a novice surfer would. You’ve been given the basic tools you need to stay afloat, but you can’t help but look warily at the wave looming over you as it rolls to shore.

Life is a funny riddle, always giving you the things you weren’t looking to find. Blessings for me now come as numbers marked in green on the tops of quizzes and eureka moments scribbled in margins. Tonight you’ll find me here on a worn wooden chair eating cheese sticks and drinking mint tea–trying my darndest to memorize the plural for dreams.

I probably am still day dreaming more than is advisable for the course load, but sometimes you just have to pencil in time for the inevitable.