Everyone just wants to be loved.

by evergreenovella

It seems trite to say “everyone just wants to be loved.” Most likely because the overuse of the word has cheapened its meaning in large part. However I think there is at the core of us a being who is crying out for love and acceptance because we have surveyed the deepest darkest parts of ourselves and been found wanting. I desperately want to be loved, but who would love someone like me?

It’s hard for me to picture someone dying for me. Sacrificing that thing most precious which we are programed to protect–our existence. Not existing, now that we do, seems terribly frightening sometimes. And for most of us we’ve only been around for a handful of decades at best. Imagine existing since before even the creation of the construct of time, and entering into finitude for the expressed purpose of taking on death for multitudes.

I’m not saying I understand it, or that I ever will. But, sometimes I need to be reminded. On nights when my heart is longing to be filled by that feeling you get when you know someone’s thinking of you because they love you…that it’s there. Has been before the beginning. Infinite love expressed in the most definite of grand gestures.

What love is this.