So close, yet so far.

by evergreenovella

ra’ah: He saw, he perceived, he understood

Do you ever feel, that even with the gift of language, you are still trapped within yourself? A mystery unable to be communicated to those around you? Sometimes I get captured by a moment and wish more than anything that someone could see what I see. Not physically what I am seeing…but to see the thing in the way I am seeing it. I know this is an impossibility, but I wish for it just the same.

I’ve always said that humans are the most unpredictable of variables in life, and this is one of the aspects of our interactions with each other which makes that so. Not even considering how much we change over the course of a lifetime as a result of our experiences, complete knowledge of another person is never to be attained. We will be forever shrouded in mystery, wishing to share breathless moments of candle light, straining to understand.