Story Driven and Striving for Community

by evergreenovella

We converge on space and time, job changes and school being the main movers for most of us. And everyone has a story to tell–some perhaps more visibly than others. A modern pace has robbed us of the art of communal introspection. How many wish to venture into the deep waters that lie beyond hometown names and undergraduate majors? These bite-sized facts allow for the the easy digestion of paradigms and stereotypes that we’ve formed for the sake of time (no doubt most built on personal experience and handfuls of truth).

Am I the only one bursting at the seams? The more I learn about the world the larger it looms in view. Terrifying and brilliant. Beautiful and awesome, we are caught up in the Creator’s masterpiece. It moans in brokenness and will not be restored on earth until that glorious day. But I feel the brokenness in my bones. Pieces of my story like iron shards have been drawn here by an irresistible pull. I see other shards being pulled just the same. Will we crash and collide in a cosmic happening? Most likely, no, but the story inside me longs for it. Your life and mine are disparate signatures caught up to be bound together for the sake of a larger story.