Thank You.

by evergreenovella

You won’t ever see this. I don’t think you know this exists. But I want to say thank you.

One of my secret powers is that I can bind books. You never knows how things from your past will serve you well in the future. And the thing with super powers is that word gets around. So, last week I fixed a sadly run down Bible for a classmate. As a thank you he invited me over to the dorm to have a home cooked lunch.

I walked into the kitchen all hustle and bustle with meal preparation. Scents mingled in the air with multiple conversations. Other residents and people who work at the school flowed in and out, pulled by the force of friendship and good food. I have had classes with most of them. We talked about random topics. We discussed the future. We talked about newness and transition. I will float along on this one connection for a while.

So thank you. Thank you for extending an invitation to the shy girl who has a habit of leaving herself out.