In the habit

by evergreenovella

Three finals down. Three to go. My thoughts are all over the place, roving over wind-swept dunes in the sands of my mind. Halfway between wanting to finish strong and just wanting to be finished for the semester.

Time is a commodity most times sold to the highest bidder. Yet, more and more I find it is no longer divided into seconds, minutes, or hours as moments flaunt their internal elasticity. The perpetual motion of a full schedule is suspended with one look. The breeze gathers all seasons into one and carries me off in thought for decades, only to bring me back to earth within the blink of an eye.

Ten years from now, I most likely won’t remember this moment. It seems inconsequential. It is similar in quality to many others sat in this chair, at this table, in the reference section. But who am I to say? Countless¬†seemingly inconsequential moments are the hooks upon which we hang our future decades. This could be such a time.

Until impending truths are revealed, I will continue on as before. Harnessing my thoughts for a few more hours, I bend my mind back 500 years to Luther and his university musings. Here’s to hoping this Medieval man is strong enough to fend off wayward reflections stuck on repeat.