Stolen Moments

by evergreenovella

It seems like now-a-days all we get are stolen moments.
Not that moments every truly belonged to me. But now, most certainly, I’ve given mine away.

Time is the hottest commodity, shortly trailed after by distance–
they are two sides of one pendulum swing.
Less distance; more time.
Fewer hours on the road as a result of fewer miles.

There is freedom in nearness and I am counting the days until my next move.
1. So that the carrying of boxes and organizing of shelves can be a thing of the past.
2. As to no longer be tied to the necessity of cars and self-imposed curfews based on traffic patterns.

I beat most of the rush this morning and saw you sitting there when I arrived, eating breakfast in day-broken sunlight. The speed, stop, and go of turnpike traffic contrasted against the still quiet of your presence.