Sugar and Spice

by evergreenovella

Our days are peppered with possibilities, seasoned with the suggestion that we will see certain individuals in the places we’ve grown accustomed to. Call us “creatures of habit,” but there are goods to be found in routines. By virtue of them, we foster unexpected connections. Sometimes a friend of convenience can even become one of your closest confidants.

New student orientation is tomorrow, and I am curious to see how new souls will integrate into the atmosphere here once again. I am excited for the unexpected blessings that will come from seeing those who are at a beginning, when I am caught up in the middle (in some respects).

In other respects, I too am at a beginning. My routine is no longer limited to sphere of myself, but my newly married husband bobs and weaves in and out of place and moment in our tiny (but big for us!) apartment on cold mornings. I hear the sound of dishes in the other room as I dress for the day. But they aren’t merely the sounds of another preparing for their day in the same space, irrespective of my plans. The dishes sound because there are two and we will have breakfast together–a deep breath before we dive into the day.

I am thankful that what were once my routines are steadily becoming ours. There is such a comfort in the daily simplicities that foster our connection. I’m growing accustomed finding him next to me each morning. To the spontaneously choreographed dance of preparing meals together in the kitchen. To seeing him at his desk as we check off our list of ‘to dos.’

Right now, I wait for another routine. For lunch, when our bodies rise in symphony and bring us together over microwaved lunchbox meals. I wait for his voice, his smile, and his eyes. I wait for my Beloved and what this day holds for us.